It is the word of the day.

Of course I am longing for it. But as the name tells it all, it is something that comes unexpectedly.

This afternoon was well spent with Prof. R. Every time I came to pay him a visit, I always have chances to learn something new. He is more than a professor to me. He is my big friend who shares his life advice with great sincerity.

We asked how I was doing. And we also discussed how the student colloquium should be organised. Most of the time we talked about how our life should be and about my struggles in Singapore society. I told him how I want to change myself and avoid myself out of materialism. I advised me to listen to On Being podcast by Krista Tippett, which I am listening to now.

I felt motivated enormously after the talk with the prof. But now I was feeling so sad. uhm. Stop here. My rule: do not moan should be applied.

I need to focus further. Back to work now.


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